It is not always clear what and how much electrical capacity is needed, or how to best design an electrical distribution system. Whether it is a new design, a retrofit, or equipment replacement, we will make sure that your electrical system is safe, compliant, resilient, and affordable. At Excellent Engineering, we are excited to pair with property owners and managers throughout Ontario so that they can enjoy your facility to its fullest potential.

Whether you own a small residential property or a commercial facility that needs modern electrical design, we have the electrical services that you need to achieve your property ownership goals. For affordable, fast, and thorough electrical design services in Ontario, read on to learn more about our helpful services.


When you connect with the licensed, insured, and experienced team of electrical engineers at Excellent Engineering, you can rest assured we will treat your project with care. We strive to treat each customer like a member of our family and work on their properties like they are our own.

We understand that when you set out on a new project, you want to ensure the electrical system is safe, efficient, and affordable. Our electrical distribution design services can achieve all your goals so that you can resume operations sooner.

With our helpful services, you can achieve your business goals, improve your facility, or install additional equipment. To get started, be sure to reach out to the team at Excellent Engineering today through our helpful contact page. We look forward to speaking with you soon and providing you with a personalized, affordable, and dedicated electrical engineering service.